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Post-Secondary and Adult Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational assessments for adults are often needed in order to continue to access supports and accommodations for individuals with a Learning Disability, ADHD, or mental health conditions. Many post-secondary institutions require that a psychoeducational assessment be completed within the last five years in order to access supports and accommodations as well as government grants available to support students with disabilities. Additionally, some adults may have missed being diagnosed with a Learning Disability or ADHD as a child. Often individuals may have developed coping mechanisms allowing them to successfully complete High School; however, as demands increase in post-secondary these coping mechanism may no longer be as effective. A psychoeducational assessment for an adult involves a clinical interview to gain background, medical, and education information, a four hour testing session examining their cognitive and academic strengths and areas of need as well as an examination of their executive functioning and mental health. Once testing is complete, a thorough report will be written outlining the individuals strengths and areas of need, diagnostic information, and a detailed list of personalized recommendations and accommodations. Results are shared with the individual during a feedback meeting. 


*There are government grants available that pay up to 3500.00 dollars to access a psychoeducational assessment if it results in a diagnosis of a Learning Disability.

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